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Winter 2004: Coyote Confessions
Written by: Renato Quilalang
Directed by: Jennifer Kim
Assistant directed by: Kimhouy Tong, Julia Lam
Jennifer: Hannah Lee
Alex: Mark Lee
Cupid/Sarah: Kimhouy Tong
Extra: Janet Lo
Extra: Lydia Suh
Extra: Julia Lam
Extra: Walter Morales
Extra: Tin Capuyan
Summary: Alex and his cupid, Sarah scope out a coffee shop in search of his one true love. Alex ends up talking with Jennifer. Thinking her job is done, Sarah starts to leave, but is stopped when Alex confesses that he is in love with her. She feels the same but cannot break the human-cupid relations rules. With cupid magic, she makes him forget that he's in love with her. Alex returns to his conversation and new relationship with Jennifer.

Duck & Cover
Written by: Ali Wong
Directed by: Julie Chen
Assistant directed by: Tru Nguyen
Benedick: Jeremy Lalas
Minh: Ann Flores
Sian: Tru Nguyen
Summary: A senior couple and their 21-year old daughter find their own ways of dealing with the eldest daughter's suicide. The father, Benedick turns to art, spirituality and bitter mockery of Minh, his wife. Minh ignores Natalie's death, forbidding any mention of Natalie's name and encourages the second daugher, Sian, to continue Natalie's law school path.

Tri Vu: Fee Tines a Mady
Written by: Ray Lai
Directed by: Kelvin Liu, Renato Quilalang
Tri Vu: Robbie Monsod
Jude: Doh Whang
Angeline Woo: Asiroh Cham
Mom: Ali Wong
Dad: Robin Jung
Alicia: Hannah Lee
Bolo Chang: Chet Wang
Xavier: Kelvin Liu
Summary: This is a tale of how one might go to jail. Tri Vu auditions for the second chair Triangle position in the band but doesn't get it. He decides to attempt suicide for the umpteenth time and wakes to find himself in jail. Somehow he develops the courage to stand up to everyone i.e. his parents. Simple tale really. This scene features an amazing triangle routine by Robbie Monsod.

Bright Lights Bus Monologues
Written by: Robbie Monsod
Directed by: Tin Capuyan, Stan Pham
Film Student: Walter Morales
Teenage Boy: Janet Lo
Asian Immigrant: Crystal Chin
Prostitute: Olivia Cuarteron
Elderly Lady: Michelle Hua
Homeless Man: Conroy Gibson
Bus Driver: Tin Capuyan
Summary: A film student films people who ride the bus so that he can learn about other ppls lives to enhance/lie about his own life for his film school application. As the story unfolds, he encounters serveral wacky individuals, each with a unique story to tell. However, the end brings a twist as we find out we were in the mind of a crazy man. Was it real? or was it all fake? You decide as you take a trip on the Bright Light Bus Line.

Bradd Pitt Pham
Written by: Stan Pham
Directed by: Ray Lai
Assistant directed by: Melodee Solomon
Bradpitt Pham: Tan Lam
Josephine: Lydia Suh
Dad: Brian Calimlim
Summary: Josephine sees an infomercial in which the service offers mail-in celebrities. She orders Brad Pitt, but when she opens the box, Bradpitt Pham, a Brad Pitt look-alike comes out. At first she denies this guy, but later she accepts and falls in love with him.

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