lcc theatre company


 SPRING 2021: Just a Little Longer
A Forest on Fire

 WINTER 2021: Give Me Space
Sometimes, the Heart Yearns
Both My Parents
Galaxy's Brink

 FALL 2020: The Apology
The Apology
Demon Listener (podcast)
Final Frontier (podcast)

 SUMMER 2020: Podcasts
Blind Date
Hear the Bell

 SPRING 2020: Lapu's Pocket Theatre
The Fan Page
Dion Majabe
Other Motives

 WINTER 2020: Water Isn't Not Wet
A Wrong Com
Lost In Translation
Captain Useless

 FALL 2019: Black or Bleu
Bleu & Violet
I Thought I was Safe

 SPRING 2019: Graveyard Smash
Shouldn't You Be Terrified
Four Part Harmony
Meet-Not-So-Cute (sketch)
For the Love of Fighting (sketch)
I'm so Screwed (sketch)

 WINTER 2019: One Act Plays That Butter My Biscuit
Steal My Heart
Your Happiness. My Happiness
A Love Story or Something

 FALL 2018: Ghost Hustlers
Lovely Ghost
Stale Pop Culture Reference (sketch)
Vlogger (sketch)
Breath of a Salesman

 SPRING 2018: Lay Low and Stitch
Black Goose
A Cute Condition

 WINTER 2018: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Pleasures
Swing to Succeed
Good Mourning

 FALL 2017: GREAT SCOTT! and Other Above-Average People
Oh My God
Seoul Occupant

 SPRING 2017: The Good, The Plaid, & The Ugly
Rialto, CA. 1993
Plaid Girls

 WINTER 2017: 7 Deadly Wins
Cheating the System
Game of Greed
Over My Dead Body

 FALL 2016: Back to School Night
A Future to Believe In
Held Back

 SPRING 2016: 7 Minutes in Heaven
Seven Minutes at a Restaurant
Pray for Roger, Prey for Marsha

 WINTER 2016: Greek, Plane, Love
Greek Theatre & Chill
The Alternative
Flight 7500

 FALL 2015: The Actual End of the Sidewalk
Mad Greek Cafe

 SPRING 2015: Now Firing!
Help Wanted
Blue Bayou
The Case of the Feline Fatale
Intro Video

 WINTER 2015: The Future, the Present, and the Rest is History
Emotional Fluffer
Unknown History

 FALL 2014: Don't Forget to Write
Compos Mentis
Mean Streets

 SPRING 2014: Lonely Lovers and Lovely Loners
Good Mourning
The Trials of Eros
Lonely Hearts Club

 WINTER 2014: Control Alter-Ego Delete
Secret Society of Seducers
Sam of Steel
Totally Serious
Testosterone Tested
Intro Video

 FALL 2013: In Case of an Emergency
In Case of an Emergency
Intro/Outro Video

 SPRING 2013: The End
To Change A Life For Good
The Antoinette Society Of Friends

 WINTER 2013: Actors, Vampires & Other Cold-Blooded Creatures
Intro Video
Saigon Souffle
Parry Hardwood Plays His Part
The Vampire Hunter

 FALL 2012: Ob(li)vious
In Regard to Darcy Lo
Princess in Another Castle
Intro Video

 SPRING 2012: Proceed With Caution
Intro Video
Insomniacs Anonymous
Now What?

 WINTER 2012: Please Stand By
Existential Sitcom
The Meeting
The Moment When

 FALL 2011: Pieced Together
Intro Video
Behind the Scenes

 SPRING 2011: The Waiting Game
Intro Video
The Green Room
College Problems
Tryin' to Get to You (Musical)

 WINTER 2011: Epic F.A.I.L.: Forgotten and Ill-Placed Love
Intro Video
Russian Reversal
Hanging On
Café Story
Vocal Vengeance

 FALL 2010: I <3 SF
The Real Origins of Lombard Street
To the City I Love
For Rent
Of Men Sans Mice
Cell Phonies
Intro Video: "I Left My Heart"

 SPRING 2010: Textual Healing
The Fairy Godmother Agency
Score of My Life
Intro Video

 WINTER 2010: Inglourious Coyotes
Prida Rock
Donner Party: The Musical
Ode to a Grecian Yearn
Intro Video

 FALL 2009: B.U.T.T. (Bringing You Tall Tales)
Intro Video
The Chameleon
Girl in the Lighthouse
The Lazy Viking
How to Make an LCC Production: A Documentary

 SPRING 2009: The Sweet Escape
Intro Video
Sweet and Sour Lemonade
Exit Signs
Stereotype Me
Old Radio
Stinky and the Brain (Musical)

 WINTER 2009: The Great Pretenders
Intro Video
The Times They Are A-Changin'
Writer's Block
Just Fartsy
Take Two
The Westwood Action Tribunal (T.W.A.T.)

 FALL 2008: A Clockwork ________: A Show About Time
Keeping Time
The Bomb Squad
E-Z Ctrl - Z
My Ithaca
Second Chance

 SPRING 2008: Arrivals and Departures
Lapu Airlines
Intro Video: Arrivals and Departures
An Airport Story
Rhinocerhorse: The Story of the Last Unicorn
Peter Pandering

 WINTER 2008: I'm Feeling Lucky
LCC Backwards: Intro Video
Goldilocks vs. The Three Bears
15 Minute Test

 FALL 2007: Enchant This!
Intro Video: Enchant This!
Narration: A Bedtime Story
Pregnant Red Ridinghood
A Fairy Tale
Wolf's Moon
We, the Sheeple

 SPRING 2007: The Elephant Room
Intro Video: The Elephant Room
Cookie Mountain
P.S. 108 (spoken word)
And Then
The War Boy
Accent Elimination for Animals (puppet show)

 WINTER 2007: Apocalypse Later
Paul and Tom
Inferno Affairs
The White Box (video)
Dinner with the Heffingtons
Deceiver (movement piece)
Silver Bullet
Spartan Culture Night

 FALL 2006: Choose Your Own Adventure
LCC Disney (video)
Dennis and Collette
Lost Backpack (sketch)
Close to You
4:11 (AKA Countdown, video)
Game Plan

 SPRING 2006: LCC History X
Akid & Vandalism (freestyle)
Skinned Alive
The Home Despot (video)
Glasses (musical)

 WINTER 2006: Holy Crap! It Talks!
Body Sushi
I, Do
Shampoo Toothpaste (video)
Waiting for Gorilla
Silent Listener

 FALL 2005: Damaged Goodness
Lonestar Chronicles
Vallet Ballet (sketch)
Damaged Goodness (song)
Flight of the Parrot

 SPRING 2005: Coyote Tails and Tales
Object of My Affection
Family Practice
Gay or Asian
Net Generation

 WINTER 2005: The Wonderful World of LCC
Starting Over
Serrate Expectations
Cook vs. Crook

 FALL 2004: Shots of Life
Doctor, Doctor!
Think, Outside the Box (video, puppet show)
Snack Time
Crooks (video)

 SPRING 2004: Legends of the Spring
I, Ninja
Stardom Academy
Socially Challenged
The Gods Among Us

 SPRING 2004: UCSD Show
I, Ninja
Spelling Bee (sketch)
Keeping the Faith
Super Anti-Asian Fetish Woman (sketch)
LCC for Dummies (video)
Dragon of Love (video)

 WINTER 2004: Coyote Confessions
Duck & Cover
Tri Vu: Fee Tines a Mady
Bright Lights Bus Monologues
Bradd Pitt Pham

 FALL 2003: LCC = Love: So Spread It!
BLT Groupies (sketch)
The Starbellied Sneetches
Mom for Mickey
Staple It (sketch)
Dragon of Love (video)
Ward Connelly Gone Crazy (sketch)
Smokin' It

 SPRING 2003: LCCgasms - What a Feeling!
LCC for Dummies (video)
Looking Past
Asian-American Song
Super Saturday Baseball
And Now A Word From Our Sponsor... (video)
Slice of America
The Crystal & Ali Show

 WINTER 2003: LCC South for the Winter
I.M. What I Am
Written on the Margin
Stand Up Routine
Which Weigh Out
Weapons of Mass Destruction

 WINTER 2003: LCC Gone Wild
TV or Not TV
Going Postal
Asian American Idol (Video)
I'm Lost (Musical)

 SPRING 2002: Six Degrees of Inspiration
The Green Mugger (Video)
Jump Out of the Ocean Annie
Morning on the Eastside
Social Spaghetti
The Girl from the North Country Fair

 WINTER 2002: Freaks, Geeks, and Vanilla Ice
The Nicest Dilemma
A President's Day Carol
LOTR: The Fellowship of Beijing (Video)
Imaginary Men
Sauce, Juice, and the Dance Revelation (Video)

 FALL 2001: Refried Scenes (remix show)
Nyuk Study and the Pledges of Allegiance
Early Retirement
Imminent Collision
The 7-Minute Asian (Video)
Good People
Flying Dragon's Fist

 SPRING 2001: Club Renaissance (full-length play)
Club Renaissance (full-length play)

 SPRING 2001: Improvisasian: All Cooped Up
Copy Crisis
Dance Competition
Aw Man

 WINTER 2001: More Than Meets the Eye
Altered Egos
Waiting Room
Bitch of Glory
There's Something About Mary Jane
Welcome to the Industry
Shot Down

 FALL 2000: Hello! My name is LCC.
I, of the Tiger
Thinking of You
Don't Sell Yourself Shorty (Spoken Word)
Pinas Sa Bibig Mo
Danger People

 SPRING 2000: Spring Roles
Finishing First
Cupid's Broken Arrow
A Line in the Sand
Rob Your Speech
"From Consumer to Creator" and "Nectarines" (Spoken Word)
Bok Choy Boys - Fry, Fry, Fry (Video)

Bok Choy Boys - I Want My Chow Mein (Video)
Clowning Achievement
Fertilizing Eggy
Peter, Paul and Mary
The Drop
Indigenous Immigrants (Spoken Word)

 FALL 1999: Love... Close Your Eyes and Roll the Dice
Redouble Your Efforts (Video)
Keeping the Faith
Good People
Chinese Mama Chronicles
Heart Murmur
White Rabbit

 SPRING 1999: B.Y.E. (Beyond Your Expectations)
The 7-Minute Asian (Video)
Vivid Contemplations (Spoken Word)
Call Waiting
Maybe Just a Little Bit Taller
Doubts on the Way Out
Sobriety (Spoken Word)
Skipping Church
Early Retirement

 WINTER 1999: Skit Happens
If I Ruled the World
Great Asian American Culture Show
Nyuk Study and the Pledges of Allegiance
Stalker Showdown
Blood Rush (Video)

 FALL 1998: Chopscenes
Stunt Double Commercial (Video)
FOB France
Spelning Bee
Wang Chung

 SPRING 1998: M.S.G. (Many Scenes Geared) for you!
For Whom the Prozac Tolls
Mr. Wimpledorf
Imminent Collision
Going to Des Moines
Informercial from Hell

 WINTER 1998: LCsCenes
Full House Con Satan
Victor Park's Dream Girl
Imminent Collision
Sanrio Rap (Song)
A Major Change
Flying Dragon's Fist

 FALL 1997: LCC Presents (various groups)
"Udon" and "Matsuri" (Taiko performances)
Treehouse Bachelor's Society Excerpt
"Binasuan" and "The Fugitives"
Leonard and Benny (song)
"Denied", "Friendly Game", "I Wanna Know"
(Modern Dance)
"One Fine Day" (Song)
"Time Stood Still" (song)

 SPRING 1997: Ithaka (full-length play)
Ithaka (full-length play)

 WINTER 1997: A Night Obscene (first scene show)
About Nothing
Here on Earth
Angels of San Francisco
Superhero Love

 FALL 1996: Treehouse Bachelor's Society Remix (full-length play)
Treehouse Bachelor's Society (full-length play)

 SPRING 1996: Eva and Earl (full-length musical)
Eva and Earl (Full-length musical)

 SUMMER 1995: Treehouse Bachelor's Society (full-length play)
Treehouse Bachelor's Society (full-length play)